Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I had my horrible Finance test last night which was probably the hardest test in the history of the world. And I will probably get the worst mark ever since I got a zero for that one science test in forth form when I accidentally dropped the test tube into the bunsen burner flame. Hehe... but this test is way more important so I'm feeling crestfallen.

Anyway... the real reason for my post is that I have a couple of good ideas for crafty goodness. One will be a super AXESOME (yes, axesome) necklace and the other a badge/brooch.  I don't want to give anything away so instead I'll be annoyingly mysterious until I have actually made them (cue shopping trip for more silicone, weeeee!)

I'm so excited, but even more annoying than me posting about an idea and not telling you, is that I have NO time to make it before Kraftbomb! SUUUUUUUUUUUUX.  I'm all excited about making it but I have to study for another test. Grrrr. And the weekend is far too late to be making a mold and then trying to cast the resin and finishing off the product. 

But what can I do? my hands are tied.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stuff to do

I'm still buzzing a bit about how awesome Craftwerk was,  and also excited about the upcoming Kraftbomb!  I hope I have enough time to prepare - I've spent the past weekend and few days finishing uni assignments and next week I have two mid-semester tests (Monday & Thursday).  And... I haven't done really any of the readings for them! Eek!  

My general plan is to cast lots of resin stuff every day (if I can), put them aside until Friday night and do all the rest of the stuff required - drilling, sanding rough edges, gluing findings, and attaching more findings.  I think I can whip together a whole lot of non-resin stuff on Saturday.  I hope this timetable works. I don't really have much of a choice on that!  

I also have a LARGE order from a shop in Houston, New York to fill.  Fun times!

After Kraftbomb I have a two week break from uni, so I can finally catch up on sleep, reading (for fun), uni reading, crafty stuff and the two assignments I have due first thing after the holidays (it's just mean!).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night...

Golly, Craftwerk last night was crazy.  Crazy awesome.  I didn't have my usual faithful companion Charles with me last night and it turned out to be the busiest market day thingy Jellybones has EVER had.  It was so crazy I didn't even have time to eat or leave the table for a break.  The lovely Esther from Toggle offered to take over and let me have a break but I couldn't tear myself away.  Then she brought me a date scone which kept me going til the end when I was finally able to have some of the jaffa cupcake I had bought from the Cupcake Queen.  I shared it with my friend Bron from Ran With Scissors as she had to babysit it all night so I wouldn't sit on it. Thanks Bron!  Mmmmm cupcakes...

Now for the daunting task of starting to remake all the things I sold so I can be ready for Kraftbomb!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Just a quick post to show these popsicles I've been working on.  They will be made into necklace pendants.  I think they are slightly too big for earrings but maybe I'll try that one time.  You can see that I took one of them out of the mold too soon and it looks like a melted popsicle - which I actually really like and might have to recreate.  They are made out of resin (of course - it is my fav medium) and the popsicle stick I made by sawing up popsicle sticks into tiny ones and sanding the edges to be round.  Then I drill a hole which will be the hole for the pendant finding.  The whole thing takes quite a bit longer to make than you might expect.  It's especially hard to get the stick in the middle of the mold properly.

CRAFTWERK is next Thursday 14th August back at St Kevin's Arcade from 6pm-9pm. Yay!  

I am pretty much dedicating my weekend to making stuff.  I also have 2 assignments due in a week which should be interesting! Weeeee...