Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's building up,
It's on its way,

It's gonna be
A super awesome day.

(I am so lame)
(Lame is the new cool?)

I am starting to feel a bit better after my horrible flu (which the doctor told me was actually Bronchitis - eww).

Bit stressed though. I thought this week was going to be a bit more relaxed after my crazy being-sick-2-assignments-due-and-a-test week. Turns out I have another assignment to do this week, another test and Kraftbomb to think about!

I am a bit sad because I broke my popsicle mold by putting polyester resin in it (thought I'd try it out because I usually use epoxy). Baaa! Who knew that it would ruin it? I might try to make a new mold tonight and then hopefully can whip a couple out before the weekend. Also my hearts mold is ruined because I put too much hardener in the resin and it ripped some of the silicone away with it. After 2 years of playing with resin you'd think it'd get easier but I still make costly (and time wasting) mistakes.

I made a new mold! But... I actually need some beading lessons before I can make it work because I'd basically be making resin beads but I don't know how to make the clasps on a necklaces once the beads are strung up on a wire. Yeek. I wish I could make that before Kraftbomb!

Maybe next time. This is what I keep telling myself. Maybe someday in that magical life I will be leading where I have plenty of time for everything (including the gym) and I have a balanced lifestyle in all ways and everything gets done and my bedroom is not just a place to keep piles (literally piles) of junk that I should throw out or donate to the salvation army.

I think I should stop this rant now. Yes. Goodbye.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have a crazy amount of orders to fill, 2 assignments to do this week... and I think I'm getting sick.

AND... I'm pretty sure I am getting sick because I always feel sorry for myself when I am :(

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just found this picture of me at the Jellybones stall at Kraftbomb.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bunnies and Owls!

So Kraftbomb was awes.  Made an amount of money that I was very pleased with and bought & swapped stuff!!

I did a swap to get a cuuuuute bunny soft toy from Anemone, and I bought  an owl necklace from lilysmakebelieve (which I've had my eyes on for awhile). I wish I could take a photo but guess who has my camera. (If you guessed Charles, you are right. He basically has all my best stuff. He got my heart first and that was a gateway to all the other stuff <3).>


Also... here are a couple of pictures taken about 2 years ago on my old camera phone (hence the bad quality) of some bunny soft toys Charlie used to make.

Basically the idea is that their bodies don't have any form and so stylistically contain all limbs etc in their lack of form and they have really long ears - some probably a metre long (maybe even more)

He also used to make logs (with cute faces), birds, ghosts, cats, clouds (with and without lightning bolts)... hmm, anything else? I can't remember. Yep.

That's all I really had to say.  I'm busy busy busy.