Monday, July 28, 2008


Yay!  There will be a new Craftwerk on August 14th at St Kevin's Arcade. Weeee!

I'm trying to put through my application now but my internet is sooooo slow (Probably due to flatmates downloading too many movies, grrrr!)  I always get a bit nervous about being accepted for it despite never having not been accepted.  This time around I especially need some money for materials and such to keep Jellybones going.

I've been spending my crafty time making a mold and experimenting in making a mini popsicle pendant.  I have made one so far which I now know how to improve upon.  I'd include a photo but my camera isn't liking close up shots for some reason.  I guess it's getting old and electronics are made to fail so we can all go out and buy new ones. Grrr  - forced consumerism.  Anyway, that's by the by.  Main point: new product. 

I actually have lots of ideas at the moment but I have been very very lazy ever since then end of my last semester (which took a lot out of me - namely my hair!).  I need to chill out a bit more about uni.  I'd like to do a beading course soon but of course I'm cash strapped right now.  I'm not so interested in traditional beading jewellery but I think the skills in putting together jewellery will be good and enable me to do some things I currently cant.  Any recommendations for a good place to do it?  I was thinking The Bead Hold in Pt Chev.