Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello 2009

Happy Belated New Years!

I hope everyone has had some holiday relaxing time!  Our trip to Melbourne was super fun and Charlie and I had a bit of a downer on coming home to boring old normal life and Auckland.  Oh well... I have Europe in July to look forward to - 3 weeks spent in Croatia, Rome, Barcelona and maybe a couple of days in London.  Yay!

I'm in the thick of summer school now and I'm not enjoying it like I did last year, thanks to no longer living in a holiday destination (Waiheke) and a horrible chest infection that has still left me exhausted a week and a half after getting it.  I am, of course still getting awesome marks.

You know what's getting me down today though? Chains.  Yes, chains.  Necklace chains.  It's so hard to find a good necklace chain for my jewellery.  I was excited before Christmas because I thought I'd found an awesome gold plated chain that was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I've now found that said gold plated chains quickly lose their gold plate and end up steel coloured.  It's a silly thing to get down about but I am so sick of doing chain research instead of thinking about fun new ideas.  Blah.... more internet trawling to do.

I need to seriously start making stuff for the Cross St Carnival now which is looking to be an awesome day!