Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over the rainbow.


So, did I tell you that way back in September I won a competition and the prize was a $1000 Flight Centre voucher? No? Well, I did.

So now it's come time to use it! My dad, my beloved Charlie and I are going to Melbourne on Sunday for 9 days. Woot! My bro lives there so we are going to spend Christmas with him.  All my favourite guys in one place!! And we found cheap as accommodation in the city.

I'm pretty excited about it, especially as I made some spending money at Craftwerk.

And I am really really over work and making stuff right now so just doing what I want is going to be sweet.

So that's probably me for 2008.  Hope ya'll have a fab Christmas and a fun New Years!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Weeeeee! Kraftbomb was fun yesterday!  Seemed a bit busier than last time, but that could have been because I went sans-Charlie again.

I had to have a cup of Fred's delicious lemonade, and 2(!) of City's cupcakes. SO. GOOD.

I also picked up this cute necklace which I have been thinking about for awhile from lilysmakebelieve. I'm gonna send it to my lil sis in London for Christmas.  I know she'll love it!